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In order to buy one or more products first you need to have an valid account and logg in
then select one of industry type (textile or furniture) browse the category types in order to find products you wish to buy.
When you found a product to buy click on it and product details will appear giving you posibility to choose some product settings like: size, colour, design, feature (if more that one options are available for each setting) and also quantity you want to buy more that one.
If you don’t want to buy the product click on “return” button in order to go back at products catalog. After you choose the product with all desired settings by clicking on “proceed to order” button you will add it on shopping chart (where all your selected products are displayed).
To check your buy product list click on “shopping chart” button in order to view a detailed print with selected products. From here you can change the order by: adding more products from “+” button, removing some products form “-“ button. To finalize buy procedure click on “checkout” button ,
then click on “proceed to purchase” button
in order to fill the mandatory fileds fot buyer details: title, first name, last name, company, flat number, property number/name, stret address, city, county(if not USA) or state(USA only), country, post code or ZIP code, phone number, email address.
After filling mentioned fields press “send order” button which will validate transaction and view the details of transaction, to finalize press “finish” button.

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